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Worldwide Wildlife Consultancy 

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Our vision:


Living Wildland & Biological Diversity ...  

... by landscape-adjusted wildlife keeping!






Overview of our services:


Consultancy on wildlife & landscape ecology, hunting & nature tourism, game keeping & tourism infrastructures, veterinary medicine, lodge management, wildland aviation etc.




Scientific research and expertise on wildlife keeping, sustainable hunting, nature conservation & ecotourism.


Development- and utilization-schemes for wildlife &wildlands, biodiversity, hunting & nature tourism worldwide.




Biogeographically and ecologically substantiated gamekeeping and hunting schemes for small game and big game hunting grounds.




Exploration of the landscape-potential for integrated wildlife-keeping, as well as monitoring of wild species, wildlife habitats and ecosystems.

Assessment of damages to agricultural crops, forests andhabitats caused by game populations, mediation between stakeholders, establishment of damage control schemes.

Integration of wildlife keeping, landscape ecology and thesocio-cultural environment.

Acquisition, establishment & management of wildlifereserves, game & hunting farms, safari concessions etc.

Search for locations and establishment of site-specific infrastructures, logistics and manpower for safari camps, wildland lodges etc.

Market research for wildland tourism, development of booking procedures and marketing concepts, professional representation.


Ecologically, sociologically & economically integrated wildlife resettlement and utilization schemes.


Game capture, translocation and populationmonitoring after release.


Independent evaluation of wildlife, conservation & tourism projects.






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Contact: baas@wildland.org.za




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